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What We Do

We are here to help you make the best literary product possible. We offer a wide range of services from proofreading and marketing preparations, to publishing. For our a la carte services, please click here. Authors have the option to obtain our services when they are self-publishing, looking to submit to agents or other publishers, or they can choose to submit to us for publishing.

Here, we are focusing on our publishing model and our authors!

When submitting to TRPoDP, please be sure to read our submission guidelines before submitting your work. Once you have sent the query, we will respond within 48 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) to let you know if we are interested in reading a sample. From there, we will either decline or reject a full manuscript.

We will only accept manuscripts that appear to be well edited, and will only perform a light proofreading. If it does not come across as being properly edited, we will advise the author to obtain editing services and re-submit. However, this does not guarantee an acceptance upon resubmitting. Contracting our editing services will not guarantee acceptance upon resubmission, either; though you are more than welcome to visit our services website and have one of our editors work on your manuscript.

We will also provide some marketing, and help the author prepare to do his or her own marketing, as well as provide a cover the formatting for the manuscript.

We reserve the right to modify the title of the submitted manuscript and/or reject a cover submitted by the author. If an author submits a cover, verification must be presented that the author has obtained a license or permission from the copyright holder to use said image(s) in the cover and/or submitted teaser images.

Who We Are

We are authors, editors, creatives, and lovers of the written word. Some of us are, or have been published authors. This company was founded by an author who wasn’t happy with previous publishers she worked with, and wanted to be able to provide authors with the kind of publishing they deserve.

Right now we have professionals for editing, proofreading, formatting, and reviewing.

We are currently looking for qualified individuals, so if interested, please email us with the position you are interested in, and your qualifications.

Open Positions:

  • Book Managers (paid)
  • Marketing Assistants (unpaid)
  • Reviewers (unpaid)
  • Beta Readers (unpaid)